McGeady Target, 10 Years Of Cattermole

Aiden McGeady has not decided whether he will try to convert it into a coaching career one day, but it is clear the experienced winger is part of the group of on-field leaders driving Sunderland on this season.

There was a time when even the 32-year-old did not see himself as coaching material, but to hear Black Cats manager Jack Ross talk, it sounds more and more like there could be one in there. Irrespective of whether it translates into a second career or not, McGeady’s mindset is having a big impact not only on his job now, but on those around him.

As viewers of Netflix’s Sunderland ‘Til I Die documentary will testify, the former Celtic, Spartak Moscow and Everton player is not one to keep his counsel when he sees something he does not like.

“Aiden’s bright,” says Ross, a playing contemporary who had to mark the Republic of Ireland international when both played in the Scottish Premier League.

“He cares a lot about his football. He’ll challenge you in terms of what you do, but I like that.”

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